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Why YourBook is right for you

It’s ideal for the busy rep who wants to keep his or her face and name in front of customers and prospects on a consistent basis, all year long, without a huge investment in time and money.

It’s consistent marketing. YourBook has been published nine months of each year (Sept-May) since September 1984.

More than 175 of reps who sell yearbooks for Jostens use YourBook to gain favorable attention with their prospects and customers.

Each month, we send one copy of your newsletter “YourBook” to each of your customers and/or prospects. “YourBook” is totally personalized for you, with your name, contact information and your photos. (See Figure 1 for the outside and inside of page 1 and Figure 2 for the inside front page.)

We write, design, lay out, have professionally proofed, duplicate, collate, staple, address and return address all individual newsletters. We can box and ship them to you for mailing, or we can mail them directly to your schools for the same price as a single first class stamp.

• It makes you THE EXPERT in your territory.

• It promotes Jostens products and your services.

• It builds relationships in your customer schools.

Your face, your name and your message show up regularly to all your customers and prospects.

It opens prospect doors. No more “cold” calls for you. Always have something to discuss that shows your value.

It saves you money and improves your cash flow! We print in large quantities. So even though YourBook is personalized, you still get the low price discount of printing more than 20,000 copies.

Save the time and money it takes you to do your own newsletter—time that is better spent selling yearbooks for Jostens!

How much does YourBook cost?

Everyone always wants to know the bottom line. And that’s fair.

YourBook is priced exactly like a yearbook. The first copy is $35 each month. We have not raised our base fee since we started YourBook in 1984. (We publish Sept.-May.) Then each additional copy $1.80 for full color.

That means that if you sent it to 50 schools, your total cost would be only $85.00 in black and white or $125.00 in full color. Many of our current customers send it to far more than 100 schools each month. This further reduces your cost for each copy.

We can also mail your copies of YourBook directly to your schools. All mailing, labeling, postage and handling to mail your YourBook newsletters directly to your schools will be less than the cost of a single first class stamp or $0.45 per copy.

If you would rather mail your newsletters yourself, we will ship them to you via Priority Mail. Their is a postage/handling fee of$10.70 to ship them to you. That is our cost in packaging and mailing them to your address via Priority Mail.

The first month you buy anything from Koobraey we will send you an Excel file with exactly what we are billing Jostens for with your rep number. You will receive a new Excel file before there is any change to that amount. This way you always know what you are being charged for..

No money will leave your pocket.

You will send no money! We will charge your Yearbook Adviser Guides to your Jostens Sales Account. Overdraft sales reps will need manager approval. We have never had anyone turned down at least not so far.

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