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There’s not much we don’t know about Workshops.

We have been with Jostens for more than 30 years. Sadly, that is now longer than some Jostens reps have been alive. And we have been doing yearbook and technology workshops in Spring, Summer and Fall for the entire time. We have run big workshops, and we have run tiny seminars. We can help you run your workshop, we can help you promote your workshop or we can teach at your workshop. When it comes to workshops, we do it all.

Promoting your workshop

We can help you promote your workshop with flyers, postcards, mailers and more. You will be amazed at what a little promotion can do. In 2003, we started a summer workshop in Central Washington with 60 attendees. In 2008, that workshop had 314 yearbookers attending. Some of that was due to adding other reps’ territories, but some of it was also due to our promotion of it.

Helping to make your workshop materials look good

You sell a graphically designed product. You sell yearbooks! So your workshop brochures, flyers, postcards, website and all your promotional material should look professional in every way. We can do that for you. We can handle your design, your printing and your mailing.

Helping you with registration

We can also help you with online registration for any workshop. We do a number of summer workshop registration sites that can also include PayPal payment integration.

Helping you with the day-to-day organization

With more than 20 years of experience in running workshops here in the Northwest,  we can also consult with you about how you run your workshop, including:

• Curriculum development

• Registration assistance

• Site choice

• Technology organization

Teaching at your workshop

Over the past years, I have done some super workshops on a variety of topics, including:

• General yearbook topics at one-day fall workshops

• Just about any general yearbook topic, including copy, captions, design, editor and adviser training, coverage, theme and almost any other yearbook or technology related topic at summer workshops

• Jostens products and services, trends, theme, covers and endsheets at spring premiers.

• Advanced design (for eight years I taught an Advanced Design track at our Washington summer workshop that included design training and Photoshop training) for those who have “big dog” schools to impress

• InDesign (when you use it six hours a day, you really know it)

• Photography and digital photo organization

• Photoshop (my absolute favorite)

If there is something you don’t see on this list, please call and discuss it. If it’s yearbook related, it is likely I have taught it and can teach it.

How much do Workshop Services cost?

Everyone always wants to know the bottom line. And that’s fair.

Workshop Promotion and Consultation

We can’t quote this cost because every workshop promotion and consultation job is different. Send us what you want to do and we will get you a quote for our services as well as any printing and postage before we do anything.

Workshop speaking fees

My goal with workshops (especially one-day workshops) is that you make money as well. Most reps who have had me teach a workshop in their territory charge their customers and prospects. If you have ever taken a commercial Photoshop class you know they are often in excess of $100 per day. For that you get to sit in a room with 500 other people and can’t ask questions or sometimes even see the presenter--just big screens.

Others reps offer workshops at no charge to attendees as a complimentary way to build their business.

My daily rate to keynote a yearbook workshop is $500. My daily rate is $400 if I am just teaching one preparation (For instance, if I teach just Photoshop). I charge half my daily rate for travel days.  The daily rate does not include travel expenses. I will arrange my own air travel and do my best to combine it with other workshops so that you can split the costs.

For summer workshops, I am willing to sleep in dorms provided the conditions are conducive to actually sleeping. (If you don’t understand what I mean by that, you haven’t done a workshop yet.) No hotel room is needed if the workshop is being held on a college campus but if the nighttime temperatures are over 85 degrees the rooms must be air-conditioned.

I am willing to eat cafeteria food. (No restaurant food needed). If I am on my own my per diem for meals is $40.00

Some of the above may be negotiable so the best thing you can do is to call me if you have questions.

 My phone number  and e-mail address are at the bottom of every page on this site.

No money will leave your pocket.

You will send no money! We will charge your Yearbook Adviser Guides to your Jostens Sales Account. Overdraft sales reps will need manager approval. We have never had anyone turned down.


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