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Yearbook Tips of the Day

Be in daily contact with customers with our Tips of the Day.

As a value-added bonus for our yearbook rep customers, in September of 2004 we began to e-mail Yearbook Tips of the Day. Since that day, more than 1,500 tips have gone out over the web. These tips are provided to you at no charge when you subscribe to our YourBook newsletter. They arrive every day (or as a weekly batch) in your inbox. All you do is copy and paste them into daily e-mails, address them to your advisers and prospects and send them out.

In the nine years since we started sending out the tips, they have accomplished two amazing things:

• The tips have served to do what the best of marketing is designed to do—put you and your name in the minds of your customers each and every day. Get them thinking about you and the things you do for them in a positive way, on a daily basis. Nothing is better marketing than that—nothing. That’s our goal—to help you market…you.

• They have created a national dialog among yearbook advisers. The give and take from advisers all over the country has been phenomenal. We regularly send out tips that ask the advice of your advisers. It has been very gratifying to see the response we get to these requests. Often, those responses number in the hundreds and are truly unique in the way they solve yearbook advisers’ day-to-day dilemmas. Many advisers include great attachments of photos, videos, handouts, lessons, rubrics and more. You get to pass these right along to your schools as well.

Easy access to all the Tips of the Day

Every single tip we have sent out is available for you to search or browse as a PDF file on our website (Just click here). As of today (September 2019), the file is more than 940 pages of some of the best yearbook knowledge there is. Why the best knowledge? Mostly because we didn’t write it. The yearbook advisers of the United States and Canada contribute to this knowledge with their submissions of answers to the problems we send their way.


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