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Click on either of these two Prospecters to download a sample PDF that shows the entire piece. These two and the two on the order page have been updated for 2017. The other four can be updated if you want to use them.

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When you want to SELL something,
we have you covered!

In the fall of 2007, a Jostens rep from Connecticut approached me about creating some brochures/flyers/newsletters that SOLD our products and services. He said that, in his territory, competitors were constantly dropping off printed pieces about products and services that thought they could provide better than he could. He wanted something he could leave in their schools to put some heat back on them and to get the schools to let him in their door so he could make a presentation.

More than just tell them about a product or service

He felt that he had no printed piece anywhere in his bag of selling tricks that really SOLD us. We both agreed we liked single product sheets and company brochures as part of a proposal, but they were not the hard-sell piece we were looking for. They also are written from more of a corporate viewpoint than a rep viewpoint. We wanted something that came from the REP!

Who are Prospecters aimed at?

These are only applicable to prospects. You would not send these to current customers. These are hard-hitting, in-your-face pieces that truly brag about our products and services. They are there to sell, Sell, SELL!!! I don’t know about you, but I firmly believe that we have the BEST products and services in the entire yearbook industry. It’s about time I made sure my prospects knew that too!

What are Prospecters?

They are four full-color pages (of the same printing quality as the color version of our YourBook newsletter) that are written by me in a way that leads the prospect to believe they were written by you. They are fully personalized throughout with your name, info and photo. Individually they are not something that you would send to every prospect, but there are some Prospecters you could send to any prospect.

When can you use Prospecters?

You can use them at any time. They are not time-sensitive. If you perceive a need in a prospect school for better service, then you could drop or mail the Service Prospecter to them. Same with all of the other titles. And since you can use them at any time of the year, you can order them at any time as well and in any quantity. We fully believe that any and all of them are viable in most territories.

What Prospecters are available now?

There are currently Prospecters on YTO , YearTech for InDesign, Your Jostens Team, Elementary School Yearbooks, Book Sales, Yearbook Avenue, Personal Service and Jostens Educational Tools. We would also be happy to hear about any other products or services you believe we could create another Prospecter for you.

How much do the Prospecters cost?

Everyone always wants to know the bottom line. And that’s fair.

The Prospecters are priced the same way our YourBook newsletter is. There is a base price for each of the eight different Prospecters that we personalize for you. That cost is $50. It is a one-time charge for the every different Prospecter you order.

But this also means that you can order more of the same Prospecter during the current school year without us charging you the base price again. Besides the base price there is an additional copy cost which is based on quantity of that particular Prospecter that you order.

Cost per copy for the Prospecters:

• $1.80 if you order 50 or less of any individual Prospecter

• $1.60 if you order between 100 and 150 of any individual Prospecter

• $1.25 for every copy when you order more than 150 of any individual Prospecter.

This means that a rep who orders 40 copies of the YearTech Online Prospecter would pay a $50 base charge and $70 for the copies for a total of $120. If that same rep decided to also order 100 copies of the Personal Service Prospecter he or she would pay another base charge of $50 plus an additional $150 for copies.

But if that same rep later needed 100 more copies of the YearTech Online Prospecter, there would be no base charge, only the cost of printing and shipping them to him or her.

No money will leave your pocket.

You will send no money! We will charge your Yearbook Adviser Guides to your Jostens Sales Account. Overdraft sales reps will need manager approval. We have never had anyone turned down.

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