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Be on every desk in every school with our Notepads!

Here’s something for the gatekeepers in your school. Many times it’s the office staff (the school secretary, the principal’s secretary, the bookkeeper, etc.) who can make or break you in a school. If it’s a prospect school, they are the gatekeepers. They keep you out. I hate when they won’t let you in to see an adviser or administrator when you are cold calling.

On the other hand, that’s exactly how I want the office staff at my own schools to be. I want them to NEVER let the competition in to see my adviser; that will make me the happiest yearbook rep you have ever met.

A rep generated this idea

Recently, a rep in North Carolina asked me if I had any notepads he could personalize and pass out to the office staff in his schools. He was looking for a product that would put his name, number and Jostens logo front and center in the office when the evil competitors come through the schoolhouse door. I mean, let’s be honest, when you go into a school and see calendars or notepads from other companies, it either upsets you or causes some paranoia, right? Well, it does the same to your competitors as it does to you.

Choose from two designs of notepads.

I told him, of course we have notepads. We have had them for a while, but I haven’t publicized that in a long time. I thought that since he brought them up, it might be a good time to mention them here.

Both designs can be printed with or without lines (although I have never had anyone order them without lines). You can see them here. If you don’t like either one of these, we would be happy to create a different one just for you and your territory.

Design 1 is available to use with or without a caricature but, personally, I think it looks much better with one. If you already have a caricature we have done for you, it will print great in black and white. If you want a caricature done for you, realize that it takes our artist about three weeks to put one together. You could use a photo instead, but it just doesn’t have the same impact for us when printed in black and white.

You might have noticed that Design 2 is blue. That’s because we can also print either design in any standard PMS color. So if you don’t like blue, we have them in red, green, gold…you name it. There is a $30 charge (on the entire order) for spot color. On an order of 1000 pads, that is only 3¢ per pad.

How much do Notepads cost?

Everyone always wants to know the bottom line. And that’s fair.

The pads have a standard rubberized glue spine and contain 50 sheets per pad.

The cost is:

• $1.42 per pad if you run 300 total

• $1.29 per pad if you run 500 total

• $1.17 per pad if you run 1,000.

There is  a one-time $20 setup charge. One-time means you are never charged again on reorders unless you make changes. You will receive a PDF proof before we ship them to you as you do with all our printed products.

There is a $30 charge (on the entire order) for spot color. On an order of 1000 pads, that is only 3¢ per pad.

Order them on our website and start handing them out next week. They work great for workshop notes as well.

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