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Nothing is as personal as a note on your own Notecards.

Ok, I admit it, I am old. I am one of those people who actually still sends Thank You notes and other written (not typed, not texted, not e-mailed) correspondence. Why do I send a hand-written note when I could type out a quick e-mail in half the time, not to mention avoid the hassle of actually writing, addressing, stamping and actually mailing a real paper card? Because I stand out. Isn’t that what you want to do? Stand out?

Start standing out with our notecards!

We created these great notecards for a number of different reps to use with their caricatures. But that doesn’t mean you have to have a caricature to order notecards.

Great quality and a good price

We print our notecards on quality stock, score them for easy folding and include a quality envelope printed with the Jostens logo.

Hundreds of uses

Send them as Thank You cards, congratulations for finishing deadlines, birthday greetings or just to let someone know you care. You will be amazed at how much goodwill you will generate with a simple, hand-written card because in our digital age they are so rare.

On the back…

We don’t believe in wasting any space. On the back of each notecard , you’ll find either the 30 Skills for the Real World or a list of the things that we do better than anyone else.

How much do Personalized Note Cards cost?

Everyone always wants to know the bottom line. And that’s fair.

There is a one-time setup fee of $25 and then the price is $1.25 per card. That includes the customization and a white envelope for mailing. All can be charged to your Jostens Sales account. Shipping to you (usually $10.70) and WA state sales tax (sorry, they are charging me now) are extra

How many?

Your minimum order is 50. So your minimum investment is $82.50.

If you order more than 100 every additional 10 cards are free.

No money will leave your pocket.

You will send no money! We will charge your Yearbook Adviser Guides to your Jostens Sales Account. Overdraft sales reps will need manager approval. We have never had anyone turned down.

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