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Send one-of-kind yearbook themed Greeting Cards.

I get requests from reps all the time for yearbook-themed versions of normal things that you can buy anyplace. This idea came from a few were looking for a greeting card (specifically to send customers and prospects at the holidays) that could also act as a marketing tool. Thus our line of studio-designed and custom greeting cards was born. Christmas, Thanksgiving (no one else sends those—so you should), Birthday and Thank You cards are just some that we have designed.

Why not just get them from Hallmark or Costco?

Ours are more than greeting cards. They are marketing messages that let you, once again, get into the minds of your customers and prospects.

Why send a generic greeting card with just your name printed on the bottom when you could send your photo and your signature and your contact info in a marketing-related way?

Fast, inexpensive but still outstanding quality

Our cards are both less expensive and easier. Just fill out the order form and click Submit, and we’ll send you back a proof.   Once you approve the proof, we can print them and send them back to you within four working days–in full color! From the time you place the order on our website, the cards can be in your hands in less than five working days–delivered to your door.

Our cards are actually printed. They are not a photograph on photographic paper. They are digitally printed (the same press we use for all our products) on greeting card stock, and they come to you with envelopes ready for you to address and mail.

If you order 50 generic cards from the hallmark.com website,  you will pay $2.49 per card and they ship in more than a week. Order 50 personalized, one-of-a-kind cards from us and you will get charged $1.65 per card, and they ship in less than five working days. In some cases, even faster than that.


If you would like to see samples of all our greeting cards they are available as downloadable, full-size PDFs.

Click here to download our 14 Christmas cards (Four new for 2017)

Click here to download our 4 Thanksgiving Cards

Click here to download our 4 Birthday cards

Click here to download our 4 Thank You cards

How much do Personalized Greeting Cards cost?

Everyone always wants to know the bottom line. And that’s fair.

There is a one-time setup fee of $25 and then the price is $1.25 per card. That includes the customization and a white envelope for mailing. All can be charged to your Jostens Sales account. Shipping to you (usually $10.70) and WA state sales tax (sorry, they are charging me now) are extra

How many?

Your minimum order is 50. So your minimum investment is $82.50.

The Hallmark website shows an order of 50 cards would be $124.50.

If you order more than 100 every additional 10 cards are free.

No money will leave your pocket.

You will send no money! We will charge your Yearbook Adviser Guides to your Jostens Sales Account. Overdraft sales reps will need manager approval. We have never had anyone turned down.

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