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Click the stickers below to download a viewable actual-size version as a PDF.

Year At-A-Glance Calendars | Investment

Year-at-A-Glance Calendars |Order Here

Last winter when we were in Minneapolis, one of my favorite reps came up to me and asked me if I had ever done any wall calendars. She said she was tired of going into her schools (and prospects) and seeing the competitions personalized calendars. She wanted something that would show off their brand with their photos, contact info and website.

Luckily for that rep, the company that prints our YourBook newsletter had just ordered a brand new digital press that will print one-off sheets up to 40 inches long. She (the rep who originally asked for them) loved them and thought you might too. So here they are.

Quick info:

  • They are 40 inches long by 13 inches wide.
  • They fit perfectly on the back or front of a door.
  • They show off your brand. Your contact info, your photos.
  • You can add local holidays, workshops or any other date you want.
  • There is LOW minimum order—only 100.
  • You can combine with other reps in your area (like Houston at left) or do your own like I did. (To see that click here).
  • We can start with any month and you can order at any time–you will always get 12 full months.
  • The calendars are printed on heavy gloss stock that works great with Sharpies.
  • You can also order stickers to go on the calendars as an optional item.
  • You can choose how you want them packaged. They can be shipped flat, bulk in a tube or in individual tubes for distribution to your customers and prospects.
  • Cost is dependent on packaging. See below.
  • All this can be charged to your Jostens Sales account.


How do Year At-A-Glance Calendars work?

To get your personalized calendars for your schools, do this:

  • Click the order link above or below.
  • On the order form, tell us what you want at the top of the calendar and the bottom. List any additional dates you would like us to add (workshops, state holidays).
  • That's it. We will send you a proof within three days unless we are out of town doing workshops. If we are, we will send a proof within three days of our return.


How much do Calendars cost?

Everyone always wants to know the bottom line. And that’s fair.

The calendars are printed on heavy gloss stock that works great with Sharpies.

Printing Costs per calendar will be based on quantity you order:

  • 100-199   $2.85 per calendar (100 is the minimum)
  • 200-299   $2.60 per calendar
  • 300-399   $2.45 per calendar
  • 400-499   $2.35 per calendar
  • 500-999    $2.10 per calendar
  • 1000+       $2.00 per calendar
There is a one-time-only set up charge for your entire order of $25

Optional items that can be added to calendars:

  • Shipping in individual tubes for distribution to schools, add $1.25 per calendar. We can mail these directly to your schools for an additional 20¢ plus postage.
  • Shipping in a single flat box or multiple large tubes (25 per tube) is $10 for packaging.
  • Sticker sheet (at left) $1.00 per sheet. You can order a different amount of stickers than calendars.
  • All calendars will be shipped UPS Ground unless otherwise requested and shipping costs will be added to your investment.

Of course, like all our products you can charge them to your Jostens Sales Account.

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