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Here's what reps who have used the Yearbook Adviser Guide in the past have to say about it. We think you will be impressed.


Terry McGovern

Paul Bussell

John Bumgarner

Brad Golub

Jack & Andrea Highsmith

Terry McGovern from New Jersey told us…

"I love it. It has been a huge help to me. To me it is a playbook. It is great to know that I can bring it to a new advisers and say—run these plays.

I tell all new advisers– “You can run the yearbook program the way you want–and you might be successful. You can use this guidebook and run the plays within it–and I will guarantee, you will be successful.”

Paul Bussell from Michigan told us…

"The Yearbook Adviser Guidebook is the best new adviser support resource I have ever used…I love it!"

John Bumgarner from South Carolina told us…

"The Guide is very organized. The task lists very complete.The website is great and the tips helpful. I will definitely use the Yearbook Adviser Guide again every year."

Brad Golub from Texas told us…

"The Adviser Guide website was a great addition to my servicing. It was also a great help in prospecting. I felt there was just the right amount of materials for advisers."

Jack and Andrea Highsmith from Georgia told us…

"We really love the Yearbook Adviser Guide!!! It’s been such an asset to our communication, to our servicing schedule and to our advisers! THANK YOU!"

Chris Joy

Regina Murray

Janna Thorsen

Jen Massey

Melissa Hodge

Chris Joy from California told us…

"I give them to every adviser who attends my summer workshop. They have made my job so much easier with all the advisers who use them and the website."

Regina Murray from Illinois told us…

“The verdict is in. My advisers that have used the guidebook and gone onto the website for the curriculum are THRILLED!!! They especially love the teaching materials out on the website. They have said that the lessons are well thought out and that they have gone really smoothly in class. Just yesterday an adviser asked me how to set up image share and I just sent her to the September tab!!!

Thank you so much for this!! I am tickled that I have some advisers using it and seeing its value. I’m actually going to mention pieces of it every other week or so in my yearbook tips. Just to give them a nudge to check something specific out there for use with their students.”

Janna Thorsen-retired rep from Oregon told us…

“My advisers that I gave the book too loved it and I think most of them used it. I did not do a good job of getting it out in a timely manner, so only those that attended my Adviser workshop received it. I have the rest still in my corner of the dining room still to assemble.”

Jen Massey from Virginia told us…

“I was very happy with the guides.  The problem is getting my advisers to use them.  I tried to reference the guides as often as possible and use the checklist when I visited…”

Melissa Hodge from California told us…

“I started using it this year with new advisers and will continue them on with it as experienced advisers phase out, so eventually everyone will be on it. I did tend to rephrase most of the emails to sound more like me and tweak a couple of the emails into something different, but overall the organization of the emails was fantastic.”

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