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Redmond, WA  98052-7574

Toll Free: 800-755-5662
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About Us (Ok, Me)


Who is doing all this stuff for you?

We (Okay, it's just me but "we" sounds better and I do have the entire staff of my printing company backing me up) are Koobraey Productions. We have been around since 1985 (been a rep since 1981), dedicated to serving you, the Jostens representative.

Koobraey Productions is owned by Jostens rep Jim Bellomo. (See I told you it was just me. And now, I'm writing in third person.) Jim, who has been with Jostens since 1981, has a territory in Seattle, Washington as well as a busy desktop publishing and yearbook workshop schedule.

This all got started when a few other reps saw the newsletter going to Jim's schools and asked if they could use it as well. We now cover the nation with at least 90% of all Jostens reps using one or more of our products each year.

We would like to serve you, your customers and prospects too.

Of course since everything we do has your name on it, we never mention our name or the name of any other rep. Your customers believe that you wrote and produced it.

If you are really interested in finding out more about me (why, I'm not sure), I have a few other websites including:

Our 7/52-2013 Photo Site and Our 7/52-2017 Photo Site

I (along with a few other people) are took 7 photos every week of 2013 and posted them online in an effort to become better photographers. We are doing it again (with a little different lineup) in 2017. We would love to have you join us. You can jump in anytime or you can just come by and look at our pictures. Click either link to see the sites.

Past photography sites 2011 and 2008

As you can probably tell from the 7/52 site I love to take photos. Back in 2011 and 2008 I took a photo each and every day and posted it to these two sites.

Our personal website

Kathleen and I love to travel. I keep a website of all our travels going back a few years. Click here to see it. If you are ever going to any of the places we have been or if you ever decide to take a cruise and have any questions, just ask. I also have a number of other personal sites and they are all linked here.

My grandson

My first grandchild, Mason Joel Anderson, was born on February 17, 2001 and he is the apple of my eye. I have tons of pics of him and others I have taken lately.

My granddaughter

In September 2013 we got to meet the cutest girl in the world--and certainly the one born with the most hair...our granddaughter, Maylee Marie Anderson. Don't believe me, check them out. She really has amazing hair.

My Seattle

Kathleen and I have lots of friends we have met while traveling. Many of them have come to see us in Seattle and always ask before they get here what there is to do. I have a website I send them to. If you are coming to Seattle for any reason, feel free to check it out and then send me any questions you may have.



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